Want to put your Altair-Duino Standard in a blue bamboo box?

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My kit used to be sold with a bamboo case, and a few guys painted them “Altair Blue” which made for a really nice effect. The new Standard kit is the perfect size to fit in the same bamboo case, so here’s how to do it: Get a “Lipper International 8186S Bamboo Wood Stacking Drawer Organizer Box” from Amazon. It’s … Read More

Connect via USB

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Before you can do anything (other than watch the blinkenlights) you’ll need to connect your Altair 8800 to your computer via USB. Step-by-Step: Now that you’re connected to the Altair-Duino, I’d suggest setting it up so you can Easily Switch Between Serial Devices.

Connect to Bluetooth

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If you installed the Bluetooth module in your Altair 8800, here’s the easy way to connect. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s copyright restrictions, you cannot connect to the HC-05 Bluetooth module with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. However, it will connect to a MacBook.Step-by-Step: Step-by-Step:

But What Could You Actually Do With An Altair 8800?

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That’s a question I’m often asked by friends, family, and co-workers as they stare at my blinking Altair 8800 on the shelf. As it sits with no other input or output devices, I can honestly say “not much”. You can play a game of Kill the Bit, or Pong, or perform some rudimentary binary calculations, but that’s not what the … Read More

I/O Expansion Settings

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You no doubt noticed that there are jumpers on the I/O Expansion board. What do they do? Read on! What new programming would you upload? You can try David Hansel’s VDM-1 emulator or reprogram the source code and make your own! You can download the hex files at this link. Download this utility and unzip it to your desktop (this … Read More

How to use VT100 emulator (video)

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You might set up your newly built (or newly upgraded) Altair-Duino with a VGA monitor and keyboard, switch on the power, see the copyright statement on the screen, and then be confused as to why the keyboard is not responding! Well, computers from the mid-70s we quite a bit different than computers today (or even a few years later.) When … Read More

How to Have Bluetooth and VT100

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The Altair-duino Pro kit, and the upgrade to the Pro version typically requires you to give up Bluetooth to have the VT100 emulator (both use pins 18/19 for a serial connection.) If you want to have both, it is possible, but it’s going to require some careful soldering. If you have the version 1.4 or 1.5 main circuit board (version … Read More