Acrylic case and I/O expansion upgrade


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This kit will upgrade your version 1.4 kit (with bamboo case – purchased between Jan 2018 and July 2019) to the new blue and gray acrylic case with I/O expansion card. For installation instructions, see this page. After you receive your upgrade kit, you MUST return to this page for upgrade instructions.

Kit includes bolt-together acrylic case and I/O expansion circuit board with necessary components.  Also included is the new spiral-bound instruction and operation manual.

This upgrade is designed for version 1.4 of the Altair-Duino kit (with connectors for expansion board.)

Please note: installing the I/O expansion will require the removal of your Bluetooth module.  If you use (and want to continue using) your Bluetooth module, there is a method of keeping both Bluetooth and the VT100 emulator detailed in the upgrade instructions.

This upgrade includes desoldering components, cutting a circuit board trace, and modifying a connector. Please read the upgrade instructions and determine if this is a project you want to undertake.

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Shipping Weight 40 oz
Shipping Dimensions 15 × 6 × 2 in