Version 1.2 and earlier Acrylic case and I/O expansion upgrade


If you’re looking for the upgrade kit for Altair-Duino version 1.4 (December 2017 and later), look here.

If you have not yet built your version 1.2 kit, please email me. There is another option for you.

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If you have a version 1.2 or earlier Altair-Duino (purchased Dec 2017 or earlier), there is not a good upgrade path to the new acrylic case and I/O expansion (with VT100 emulator.) The best way to “upgrade” your kit is to pretty much replace everything except the Arduino and front panel.

Kit includes bolt-together acrylic case and I/O expansion circuit board with necessary components, new toggle switches, resistors, LEDs, transistors, headers, and misc hardware.  Also included is the new spiral-bound instruction and operation manual.  You will provide the Arduino, front panel, 10mm nylon bolts, 15mm standoffs, power supply, and USB cable from your original kit.

After you build this kit, you should install the latest software on the Arduino by following the instructions at this link, and also reload your SD card with files you can download from this link.

Please Note
This is a substantially discounted price (it contains about 90% of the parts from a new kit).  It is only available for purchase by customers that had purchased the Altair-Duino kit from December 2017 and earlier.  I will verify your previous order.

One thing to consider – in version 1.2 and earlier, the SPI connector on the Arduino was removed and a custom six-pin cable was used to connect to the SD card module. 

  • If you want to keep your original Arduino, you will need to desolder the six-pin male connector near the SD module on the main circuit board.

  • If you are lucky, and your six-pin cable is long enough, instead of desoldering you can cut the cable and can attach a new six-pin male header.

  • Alternatively, you could just use a pliers and bust off the old six-pin male header and put a new one on.

  • After all of that, you can solder the six-pin header to the same place on the new version 1.5 circuit board. If you do decide to use the ribbon cable for the SD card module, make sure you do not solder the six-pin female header under the Arduino, it will get in the way.

Or, you could just say “heck with the messing around” and add a new Arduino with an intact SPI header to your order for $18 (above.)

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Shipping Weight 62 oz
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